Nursery wardrobes are a little different to regular wardrobes as anyone that already has children will know, there is a lot more space needed for your baby’s clothes, spare blankets, baby bedding and hundreds of other things. Choosing a wardrobe for your baby’s nursery depends on a few things: the size, the amount of doors, draws and cubby-holes, and the colour or theme that is available in. Of course, you want the nursery to match so it’s a good idea to choose all of the nursery furniture from the same maker.

With more drawers, shelves and storage space, you can be truly organised in looking after your baby’s things. Being fully organised is one of the most important ways you can have a stress-free time when you first bring home your baby. If you and your partner can easily find the shelf or drawer where spare clothes, nappies and towels are kept in the middle of the night, then you are on your way to having an easier time. Rustling around at 3am is going to unsettle your baby and wake up the rest of the household, so choosing nursery wardrobes is one of the most important things you can do.

It’s possible to buy extra wardrobe space if your current one is too small, and as always, having a little more storage space is very important as your baby gets older and accumulates more clothes, toys and items. If you find a good wardrobe that has many drawers, shelves and plenty of space inside, you can provide a tidy nursery and one that is easy to have the right things you need just to hand.

Whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl, there are themed nursery wardrobes or plain ones for those that want to leave the sex of the baby as a surprise. With neutral colours, simple designs but made from sturdy materials you can expect that investing in good nursery wardrobes is a good idea as they will last for many years. All that is needed now is to choose the right one for your needs and that suits your budget.