For most new parents, it can be a testing time thinking of what types of nursery furniture to buy and that’s why many nursery sets are available so it takes away the guess work. If families prefer not to find out the sex of the baby, then there are many nursery sets that are neutrally-coloured and will be perfect whether it’s a boy or a girl.

The idea of nursery sets is to lower the cost of buying all of the nursery furniture separately as it’s always cheaper to buy items in bulk or in sets. With some sets, there might be a cot or cot bed and a chest of drawers. The drawers having a special section on the top for changing the baby’s nappy, and as the drawers are to hand, new nappies, wipes and clothes are available without having to move around the room.

Some nursery sets have more items included such as a cot, Moses basket, wardrobe, chest of drawers and trunk. Having more space and more storage units is a must for any new parent, as it’s truly amazing how much stuff is needed. Fresh clothes, towels, bed linens, spare nappies, wipes, muslin squares and cleaning items such as talcum powder are all needed to hand. To really go all-out and make it easy, some nursery sets have a glider chair and stool available too. Glider chairs are ideal for nursing, feeding and catching a quick nap with the baby and spend some really special alone time together. The gliding motion or rocking motion will send him off to sleep.

As all of the items will be from the same manufacturer then you can expect the quality to be the same, the colour scheme to match each item and for them to last as long as each other. With traditional pine furniture for children’s nurseries, it will normally last for many years and be durable as well as practical. Buying nursery sets is a great idea as it can help save money, can be sold on as a set when the baby is older and they simply look great too.