Moses Baskets

Moses baskets are one of the much-needed and most-used items that parents will use with their newborn. The baskets are ideal for babies in the first year of their life. They are soft, comfortable and are the most versatile and easy to use baby products that can be used. The basket is made from wicker, so it’s lightweight, tough and durable, and will easily hold the weight of the baby. It’s possible to carry the Moses basket around without the baby even waking up.

Using Moses baskets in the home is even more easy as they come complete with their very own stand. This means that parents can set the Moses basket down on the stand and tend to their child at a comfortable height. It also means that the baby can be next to the dining table or home office table so you can go about your daily tasks and still have one eye on the baby.

Moses baskets come in all different colours and designs, from pink floral to baby blue and those with fun characters stitched into the material. The whole basket is a comfy place for the baby to be and if there are twin babies then it’s possible to buy twin baskets so the two are always together. Some baskets can be set onto a rocking stand. This is similar to a rocking horse and gently moves back and forth so that the baby can be sent off to sleep. Moses baskets are one of the cheapest yet most effective items that can be bought, and should be one of the first purchases for the baby.

The easy-grip carry handles make it simple to carry the basket around or carry it to the car and set the baby in the child seat. With a cover and shield from the sun and any drafts, the basket can protect and cocoon the baby in their own little sleepy haven. Thanks to the padded surround and lace material, Moses baskets are so inviting and comfortable that few baby products come close to matching the sheer tranquillity that a basket provides.