High Chairs

Once a baby can hold their own weight and is learning to sit up by themselves, then it’s time to choose from the many high chairs that are available. They can generally be used from 6 months old up until 7-8 years old. There are many different types of high chair available, such as solid pine, plastic or even metal ones. Each one has benefits, but solid wooden ones are more sturdy, can last longer and take more abuse. And, they also look really nice too.

Some high chairs convert into a play table and a small chair, so they can be very versatile. There are folding high chairs, static ones and lightweight ones that can be used in any room of the house. If space is at a premium then there are slim-line ones available.

Whether it’s a stylish and modern high chair or a more traditional pine high chair, babies cannot slip out of the chair as there is either a harness or a centre-section that holds the baby in place. This gives parents peace of mind as it’s not always possible to watch the baby 100% while they’re cooking and it means the baby is safe and out of harm’s way, especially if the chair is in the kitchen. If a more compact and one that can be folded away is chosen, then it can be taken with the family to events, family get-togethers and restaurants, by carrying it in the car. Some public places don’t always have a high chair so it’s important to either have one that folds or one for travelling and home-use.

The plastic ‘plate’ on some high chairs is replaceable, easy to clean and made with rounded edges so the baby cannot be hurt when it’s dinner time. The plates can also be moulded so that dishes and bowls won’t be so easy to slip off onto the floor. With modern high chairs, there are comfy padded seats and soft edges for the legs so it won’t scratch the floor, which is handy for lino-flooring or wood flooring. Whichever high chair is chosen, make sure it is versatile, practical and easy to use and clean.