Choosing the Right Style of Furnishings

Once you’ve picked out the paint or wallpaper and made the “bones” of the nursery look fun and inviting, don’t forget that the furniture is just as important. There are many different types of nursery furniture you can choose from to give a warm, fun and cosy feeling to the room; just what your baby boy or girl needs in their first bedroom.

Strong, sturdy and practical furniture is good for newborns as you’ll be surprised how many things you need to store. From nappies, clothes, spare linens, toys, and outfits, you need to be organised and structured in the way you keep the wardrobe and drawers filled as those late night wake-up calls will be just that little bit easier if you exactly where everything is.

There are fun and cute types of nursery furniture, with cartoon characters, bright colours and quirky shapes that give an element of fun and will match your murals or painting on the walls. Whatever types of furnishings you choose, cots, beds, cradles, Moses baskets and changing tables can be bought in sets to match each other and can be available in painted or varnished wood. Dark woods, pine or painted nursery furniture is available, it just depends on your preference.

As your child grows and becomes an infant, that furniture needs to be able to withstand abuse and knocks that children inflict on them, so a strong and sturdy selection of units will last a long time. Ensure the children’s bedroom furniture is free from sharp edges, has rounded handles and is safe to use and be around. This is the difference between normal furniture and ones that are specifically designed for nurseries.

When it comes to buying a cot or a bed for your baby, make sure that it has good, strong cot-sides that can be raised or lowered as the baby grows and plays, and so it can give you easier access. Some children’s beds have removable sides so they can be used in the first few years of their life, and it will feel more comfortable for them as they grow instead of changing to a new bed when they are infants. This promotes security and helps reduce those sleepless nights.

Picking out the furniture for your nursery is an important part of having a baby as it should last a long time and be strong, sturdy and well-built to resist damage. It should also have lots of drawers, cubby-holes and shelves so you can keep things organised.