Glider Chairs

For new mums, glider chairs are one of the best inventions that have ever been made. The large, comfy chair is perfect for nursing, feeding and spending some quality time with the baby. Many glider chairs come complete with a stool, which is ideal for relaxing weary feet on and if the mother is comfortable and relaxed, then the baby will be too.

A glider chair is ideal for conservatories, sitting room or lounge. Wherever there is space, a nice quiet spot and some privacy, then a glider chair can slot right in. Fitted on the sides of the arms of the chair there are pockets which can hold the remote control for the TV, muslin squares, rattles and toys or even spare nappies. The glider chair is something that should be used at least once a day to relax, calm and soothe the baby, particularly when they are teething. If you just want a quiet cuddle, then you can glide back and forth gently and rock them off to sleep.

The padded cushions can be washed or wiped down if there are any accidents and as the baby will be crawling and starting to walk, the sides of the chair have solid sides so little arms and legs cannot get trapped. With a three-position reclining backrest, parents might be able to catch a nap with the baby and spend some quality time with him. As the cushions are very well-padded and can be dry cleaned, the glider chair can be easily used, cleaned and kept for a long time. Even when the baby grows up, it’s still a very comfortable chair that is perfect for reading a book or watching TV and resting in.

Most babies will want to be ultra-comfortable before they start feeding or go to sleep and that’s where glider chairs can really help. The smooth, silent and easy reclining motion helps the baby be calm and uninterrupted. As they will easily be shocked and scared of noises and scraping sounds, the glider chair needs to be quiet or the baby won’t feel safe and happy in it.