Buying a crib is one of the first purchases that parents-to-be usually buy. They come in a range of styles, colours and sizes. They have a drop-side, which allows easy access to the baby but is difficult for the baby to detach so it’s very safe. The crib can be used for afternoon naps, bedtime and for playing with their toys. As the sides are very high, it’s a great place to let them play and watch their mobile spin around.

Some cribs have drawers that slide out from underneath the bed section. This makes them very practical and versatile. It can also mean there is no need for a chest of drawers, although baby items take up lots of room, such as wipes, nappies, clothes and spare bedding and towels, so any extra drawer space will be appreciated.

Cribs are normally made from a sturdy material, such as pine or oak, although there are metal or even plastic ones available. It depends on what the budget for a crib is and the colour-scheme for the nursery is. Having a solid pine crib does tend to give the feeling of it being safer, friendlier and longer-lasting than other cribs, which is why many parents tend to opt for this type.

The bed section is usually quite high in a crib, which helps the parents’ backs from becoming sore from leaning over to place a baby in it. Baby’s are only small but when it’s the middle of the night and they need putting back to bed, their weight can suddenly be exacerbated. And, a parent of a newborn that has a bad back will make it very difficult in the first few months of the baby’s life.

Many cribs swing and have a narrow footing so they can be placed by the parent’s bed. This makes it easier to rock the baby to sleep without having to get up through the night and make lots of commotion. Sometimes babies just need to know that their parent is there nearby and feel safe so having a swinging crib is a perfect addition to any parent’s lifestyle, especially if the baby has trouble sleeping at night.