There are many types of cots available for newborn children up to toddler age. Available in a range of materials, such as pine, oak or bamboo, they come complete with chunky legs, solid ends head and leg sections and have one side that drops down for easier access to the baby. They are perfectly sized so that it can accommodate the baby and not be too small as the baby grows.

Some cots have drawers under the bed section or on the side, so parents always have nappies, wipes and spare bedding to hand without having to take their eyes off the baby. That means they are so versatile and not only look great, feel solid and well-made, but they are practical too. As babies grow at an alarming rate, some cots can be quickly outgrown so it’s best to invest wisely.

Cots are more simple than cot beds, for instance, as they have slatted-sides and are raised higher so that the parents don’t hurt their backs leaning over. The also have a very secure latch system to keep the moveable sides up when the baby is sleeping yet can quickly be lowered when the bed linen needs changing. Most cots have space to hold mobiles above the baby’s head so that they have something to focus on and be kept entertained.

As there are many different colours and styles, such as a drop-side sleigh or a twin cot for twin babies, there will be a style and colour to match the baby’s nursery. It’s a big occasion on the day of your baby’s birth and even if the sex is not known, it doesn’t matter as long as there is a cot and a few other pieces of nursery furniture, and there is the love from the family around him or her. Whether you want to have a fairly plain cot and upgrade to a cot bed at a later date, then there is the option to buy now and make the most of a drop-side cot. As there are slats for the baby to see out of, but not wide enough to get out of, they are safe and can feel secure, just as they were in their mother’s tummy.