Cot Mattresses

Choosing cot mattresses can be a tricky part of buying your new baby furniture and baby bedding items. The mattress needs to be firm but not too hard, warm and absorbent. There are coil-sprung mattresses for cots that are ideal as they retain their shape and keep your little baby secure, centred and safe. There are cot mattresses that are available for any sized bed available but it is wise to check the sizes before buying.

Many baby cots come with their own mattress but in the event that it doesn’t you have a little more choice as you can pick out the best one for you and your baby’s needs, as well as your budget. If you want your baby to sleep through the night and be warm, cosy and secure, then a mattress is one of the defining factors. When a baby is uncomfortable, sinking into the mattress or there is too much flex, then they will become cranky, feel unsafe and start to worry. This then leads to an interrupted sleep which rolls onto the next day, and unsettles you and your baby’s sleeping pattern.

With good cot mattresses, this is rarely the case so it’s a good idea to buy the best one you can afford. Some mattresses have anti-bacterial properties within the material of them which helps reduce your baby becoming ill and is important to keep her as healthy as possible. If you choose a mattress that breathes, lets air through the material and keeps the baby warm then you can expect her to have a good night’s sleep which will lead for a happier baby, and you can rest properly too.

It’s important to look for an anti-dust mite mattress too. This stops any mites or ‘bed bugs’ from harming your baby’s health. During your baby’s life you want to protect her and keep her secure from any harm. Choosing from the best cot mattresses will help you achieve this. If you’ve chosen one and it is the best one you can afford then you can be assured of having a happy and healthy baby.