Cot Beds

Cot beds are the next step up for a baby that is starting to grow-up fast. They are larger and sturdier than a regular cot and can be sometimes used up until the baby is 5-7 years old. This makes a cot bed a great investment so it’s wise to buy the very best that is available so it lasts for a long time. Many cot beds come with a height adjustable bed section that raises and lowers in three stages. This makes it easier to lift the baby in and out of the bed, and it means they are less likely to be able to climb over the railings.

As babies like to chew and suck on things when they are teething, the railings of a cot bed are normally the first things to try out. That’s why it’s important to make sure that there are tooth-friendly protective rails so they don’t damage their gums. Cot beds are ideal for newborns and for years after, which is due to the fact that the rails can be taken off the sides, the bed section lowered and as it’s long enough, it will be perfect for babies, toddlers and finally children.

There is a simple drop-system that allows quick access to the baby but it is tricky for a baby to do from inside the cot so it won’t be accidentally lowered. Being made from sturdy wood, such as solid pine or even hard woods in some cases, parents can expect this cot bed to last a very long time. As having children can be expensive and there are many other items that are needed for a newborn, the investment in cot beds is a good idea as it will pay dividends over the first few years of the child’s life.

Some cot beds even come with toys or mobiles attached or have the ability to fix onto the bed. This allows the baby something to play with, learn from and focus on. If it’s a mobile, the gentle spinning will allow the baby to relax and sleep better, and once the baby grows up a little, the cot bed can be turned into a full-size child’s bed and the mobiles can be kept as mementos for the future.