Baby Bouncers

Baby bouncers are a must for any newborn up until their first year at least. There are many different types of bouncers, some that really give their little legs a workout, and others that can be a relaxing place for your baby to rest. With integrated mobiles, your baby’s development and mind are stimulated by the shapes, colours and even sounds that come out of the bouncer. The gentle rocking motion helps your little one drift off to sleep and helps them feel safe and relaxed.

Being held securely by clasp and being tilted backwards a little, your baby is in the ideal resting angle to have a good sleep, and when she wakes up, she can have a good look around the room, absorbing the new items that her eyes start to see. Baby bouncers are perfect for keeping your baby safe while you take a break on the sofa and are in some ways the most used piece of baby furniture you can buy. If she’s not in her cot then chances are you will need a good, sturdy baby bouncer as this is the place she’ll be in the most, except from when you just can’t help but pick her up and have a cuddle.

Once your baby gets a little older, she’ll kick her legs and she’ll be in control of the rocking that the bouncer gives her. This is a great way to encourage the muscles to develop in her legs and eventually she’ll tire herself out and can have a quick cat-nap. For newborns to around six-months, your baby will need the stimulus of the mobiles that twinkle and float above her head. She will try and reach and grab them, which helps with depth perception, so not only are baby bouncers perfect for nap times and a rocking motion but they are important for your baby to grow and develop.

There are many different types of baby bouncers, some families buy two or more as their baby gets older and needs a larger or stronger-framed bouncer, so make sure you buy one that covers all you and your baby’s needs.